Our Projects

  • Hygiene And Sanitation

    SHINE (Sanitation and Hygiene Initiatives for Everyone)

    Strategic Objective: To increase access and utilization of Primary Health Care (PHC) services in the targeted communities.


    Strategic Actions:

    InPact emphasizes community based interventions rooted in the philosophy of PHC. InPact will focus on health promotion and disease prevention, containing the spread of diseases including interventions such as Behavioral Change Communication (BCC), social marketing, human centered program design, advocacy, preventive nutrition and treatment programs. Particular emphasis will be placed on designing a continuum of care packages for health across an individual’s life cycle; - especially promotion of reproductive maternal and child health packages. Because of Uganda’s demographic structure, InPact will purposely target adolescent and youth with high impact interventions that are have proven to work in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa. InPact will target hard to each communities and population segments with lifesaving information, commodities and services. Gender will be an integral part of our programming, seeking to reduce inequalities through introducing gender transformative interventions.

  • Climate Smart Agriculture

    Livelihood and Environment Conservation

    Strategic Objective: To Improve the wellbeing of households in the targeted communities while promoting community led environment conservation.


    Strategic Actions:

    Recognizing that agriculture is the backbone of our economy, InPact will respond to the needs of rural farmers by promoting farmer productivity, moving beyond subsistence and promote enhanced access to the critical factors of production. Priority focus will be crop productivity, diversification and marketing as a means to increase house hold income. Additionally, InPact will offer practical knowledge and skills in Climate smart  agriculture practices  production, post harvest management, agribusiness and will facilitate farmers to access market and credit opportunities.


    Recognizing that farmers face serious challenges relating to seed varieties and farm inputs,  InPact through its social enterprises department, will supply high quality  and stress tolerant seeds, tools and other farm inputs. Further, InPact will improve on the entrepreneurial skills of farmers’ groups. We shall create awareness on the right foods to eat and promote their production within communities so as to reduce malnutrition and stuntedness. A demonstration model farm will set up in Kanungu to serve several purposes but principally as a training ground for farmers.


    Producing the food we need in a manner that protects the environment is a top priority for our interventions. Therefore InPact shall promote horticulture with an objective of contributing to environment protection and at the same time, increase food security and household income through the sale of fruits.In view of the continuous littering of non bio degradable waste in the targeted sub regions, InPact will undertake to preserve land and water resources by working with communities to instill greater understanding of the long term, potentially negative consequences of environmental degradation. In this respect, InPact will focus on promoting practices that are eco-friendly through the 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle and Re use) save bio mass degradation through clean and efficient cooking energy and promote waste segregation with an aim of ensuring that some waste is sold. It’s also proposed that InPact will construct an Incinerator in one region to burn disposable sanitary pads, pampers, polythene materials etc. Further, from plastic bottles, InPact will construct a food shed in Kilima primary school in Kanungu district.

  • Gender and Advocacy

    Equality is the key to development

    The Girls to Girls Initiative – Taking back control of our narrative/ A journey to reclaiming our Dreams.

    This is an innovative initiative developed by InPact to enable girls to take back control of their lives. The focus of this initiative is aimed at girls who are victims of early marriages, sexual harassment, domestic violence and are school dropouts. Therefore, the project puts emphasis on development of livelihood skills like reusable pad making, tailoring, handcrafting, baking and more. The trained girls become role models to inspire others who maybe victims of the same challenges in their communities. This initiative also creates a safe space for the girls to speak up about their challenges and find possible solutions.


    Proposed Intervention

    In line with Uganda’s Roadmap to realizing the Demographic dividend, there is need to empower girls to take back the control of their social and economic lives and also stand up against the injustices they face daily. Therefore, Girls to Girls Initiative intends to mobilize young girls to develop their skills through reusable pad making training, tailoring, handcrafting and baking.

    The Girls to Girls Initiative intends to construct a counselling and skill development center in Kanungu District where Girls who have gone through these difficult experiences like Gender based violence, early childhood marriages and teenage motherhood to enjoy a safe space where they can receive counselling, express themselves and learn life skills that will enable them to pick up their lives again, be confident, productive and become change makers in their immediate communities.


    Psycho-social Support and Counselling

    This structure will initially focus on providing psycho-social support counselling, and support girls to come to terms with the challenging and traumatic experiences they have gone through. We will invest in helping girls understand their reproductive health cycles and demystify some of the myths and misconceptions that could have led them into early marriages and teen pregnancies. Working with senior women in the communities we will create dialogues with the girls and older women so that some of the cultural beliefs promoting vices that disadvantage women and girls can be challenged.


    Equip Girls with Economic Skills

    InPact will also focus on developing the economic skills of the girls by equipping them with the skills to produce marketable products. We will initially focus on making reusable sanitary pads to teach and tackle the issues of Menstrual Hygiene Management. InPact will use the same approach it has used in other geographic areas of intervention to train three girls from different parishes of Kanungu District that will then train other girls to start producing the pads that they will sell to out of school girls and women and also supply to all the schools in Kanungu and eventually the schools in Western Uganda. In addition to the livelihood skills provided, InPact will also provide soft skills training to the girls including marketing of the products produced.

    InPact will also create a safe space for the girls to amplify their voices on issues that have frustrated their efforts towards their dreams by creating a safe space for them to exercise their passions and develop their goals.


    Project Goal

    Empowering survivors of domestic violence, child marriages, sexual harassment and school dropouts to take back control of their economic and social lives.



    1. To mobilize girls that have faced abuse in the target communities.

    2. To offer livelihood skills development.

    3. To create the safe space for girls as a platform for sharing their challenges.

    4. To promote Menstrual Hygiene in schools through sensitization and provision of reusable sanitary pads.


    1. Mapping of the survivors of abuse in the targeted communities.

    2. Train girls in reusable sanitary pads making and marketing of the product.

    3. Facilitating the safe space for the girls to amplify their voices on issues they may be facing.

    4. Sensitization of schools.

  • Health

    Health is essential for community development

    The Health Initiative – Increasing access to accurate information to make informed decisions. 

    This initiative is focused on two main areas; Sexual Reproductive Health and Malaria Prevention. Each initiative is focused on improving the overall health of communities by offering access to the right information. 

  • Kukuwa Shelters

    Health is essential for community development

    The Kukuwa Shelter initiative- The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals sets out a universal plan of action to achieve sustainable development in a balanced manner and seeks to realize the human rights of all people. It calls for leaving “no one behind” and for ensuring that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are met for all segments of society, at all ages, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable—including older persons. InPACT supporting the elderly in Uganda with basic needs including building shelters for the most needy


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